1.4X Extender with Canon 100-400IS

Started Jul 19, 2001 | Discussions thread
John-G Veteran Member • Posts: 4,931
Re: No AF: How much of a problem?

DonCohen wrote:

Hi bigjohn,

How much of a problem is the lack of autofocus?

I have been thinking lately about adding the 1.4x (or possibly the
2x) to my 100-400 for bird photos, to increase my range. Certainly
for birds in flight, the lack of AF would seem to be a major
problem. Any other situations where you really miss it?

Only you can really answer this. Simply try your hand at manual focus with the lens alone. If you find it's no problem you should be fine manual focusing with the 1.4X.

For me, lack of AF is a major pain. In fact, I bought a 1V a year or so ago just so I would still have AF with the 100-400 w/1.4X. Now when I use the D30 it's back to no AF... yucko !

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