75-300 USM III Trumpeter Swans Pics

Started Apr 4, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Tripod?

A tripod was certainly the best technical choice for these shots. However, it wasn't a practical option under the circumstances. These images were an excellent testimony to the admonition to take the camera everywhere -- all the time. I shot these while on an impromtu hike with my wife after a week of not seeing each other due to business travel. I brought the camera in hopes of a quick songbird or critter snapshot. I never expected to see the swans that close given the trail we were on. Uncharacteristically, they were on a very small, sheltered pond feeding. (Hence, the beautiful reflections).

I was doing pretty well just to have the camera and steal 10 minutes out of our walk without getting dope-slapped.

It's amazing and humbling to me to see what others here accomplish with their photographs of birds. There's a lot to be said for shooting what you love.


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