Inexpensive 300mm + lens question

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Re: Inexpensive 300mm + lens question

Hi Duane,

I am currently in the exact same situation trying to photograph birds in my back garden. I have tried a cheapo 500mm mirror I got from ebay with ok results ,if you don't mind the donuts. I also tried it with a KIRON 7 element TC, predictably soft and a nightmare to keep steady on a tripod.

I was quite surprised with the quality of the 70-300 Nikkor with the Kiron which prompted me to scorch my credit card and get a 300 f4 plus Kenko Pro 300 1.4 TC (5 element) on the advice of those on this forum. Stonking lens but I was a little disappointed when I compared the results with the 70-300 plus Kiron. I know I haven't taken that many shots yet but if I was to start again I would have persevered with the 70-300 and Kiron TC, ok the aperture is f11 and manual focus but this is not a problem in bright light.

I spent £650 but just wonder whether the Kiron (£30 on ebay) would be a better bet in your situation?
These are a few pics, not brilliant but useful as a comparison.


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