17-85IS is an awesome lens folks (brief review)

Started Mar 30, 2005 | Discussions thread
Yohan Pamudji Senior Member • Posts: 2,874
Something terribly wrong here

The 24-70L shot you posted was by far the worst looking f/8 shot I've ever seen from any lens, let alone the 24-70L. Even my Sigma 50-500mm at 500mm f/8 is better than that. I am quite convinced that YOUR 24-70L is problematic, not 24-70L's in general. I have a 28-70L, and I couldn't get a shot that blurry if I tried [actually I could, but I'd have to shake the camera]. General consensus is that the 24-70L is a tiny bit sharper than the 28-70L, so where's the discrepancy coming from?


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