IS zoom or wide aperture fixed focus for interior photography

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Re: 10-22?

dboreham wrote:

Thanks for the advice.

The Sigma 18-125 is very good for outside use but too slow for
interior. I am wondering whether to buy Canon 17-85/F4-IS or Sigma

The 17-85 would be ok I think, but have you considered the
Canon 10-22 ? It produces good results and is wide enough
for most purposes on the 300D. It isn't super-bright but
perhaps you could use a tripod for some shots ?

I did consider the Canon 10-22. I have read some very good reviews about this lens. It is certainly wider than 24mm on film, more like a 17-35mm. But it is F3.5, thus not any faster than my existing Sigma. I shall probably get this lens at a later date.

Most stately homes and museums ban flash and/or tripods, usually both. I can surely use a tripod in most churches and cathedrals but it is often practially impossible to set up one in a crowded place teaming with tourists and worshippers.

I understand that the Canon with IS would give me a couple of stops
in shutter speed against Sigma's wider aperture. But is the Canon
lens sharp when wide open ? It will also duplicate the range of the
Sigma zoom that I already have. I can of course sell the Sigma, but
I am perfectly happy with it as a general purpose lens. Is the
Canon IS zoom better than Sigma 18-125 as a general purpose lens ?

Probably, but not significantly better unless you value IS.
I doubt it'd be worth selling one to buy the other.

I shall need the IS only for interior photography, not for a general purpose lens. I read a review of the Canon 17-85IS lens which suggested that to get a sharp image the lens should be closed down by at least one stop. In that case I am not really gaining much over the Sigma 20mm.

You could wait for the new sigma 30mm f1.4, but that's
still not super-wide. For now it seems that you are limited
to the sigma 20mm if you want wide and bright.
Wide, bright and sharp may just not exist together in
the same lens, I'm not sure.

I guess that is the problem. I shall try the Sigma 18-125 wide open with a high ISO. I have not tried with ISO higher than 400. I am just a bit anxious that I may lose details with ISO 800 or higher, which is not really desirable for many interior shots.

Thanks again


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