S3 Noise vs S2 Noise, an Observation and Question

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Re: Noise in bright area? And using Wide DR?

This could be the situation. The picture that prompted this message is a 20X32 enlargement of a sunset shot of some mountains. There are several ranges of hills from black in the foreground to purple in the mid ground to lighter blue closer to the sunset. The sunset is orangy-peach with a blue gray cloud strip above as the top border. The objectionalble noise is in the lighter mountain ranges and in the sky right above them.

To test whether this occurred in the day, I just reshot a similar image with both standard and expanded range and didn't get the same noise level from the enlargement. I'm looking for the sunset tonight to give me another chance at the backlit hills and another test.

Thanks for the info.,

Paul W. Walters wrote:

There is an unusual aspect of the expanded dynamic range. If you
took the picture in a situation where the brightness is lowered to
exclude burnt out whites, then it uses the SMALL sensors to
accomplish this. These pixels are more noisy and you get the
strange phenomenon of the light areas showing noise which is
unusual with digital cameras. It's also more obvious noise than
the noise in the dark areas that we're used to.


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