Where do I begin?

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Digital Photography For What It's Worth!


It all depends on your personal learning style. I like to read websites and play with the camera to do my learning. Others prefer books and tutorials. I typically get enough info to make me dangerous and go out and screw up a few hundred shots. Once fully frustrated, I go back to that section of the website which applies to what I am doing or doing wrong and work to figure it out.

Anyway, based on my learning style, I have found this one particular site to be well worth the read. He calls it, “Digital Photography For What It's Worth” and I really like his style.

I found his article on Exposure strategies to be excellent. I can not recommend that article enough. But I would assume that the other articles on his site are equally as informative. They are very well composed and full of links to more detailed info. They are not just for DSLR owners, and not even Nikon specific, but worth checking out. Click on the articles index link and start. Plan on a few days to get into this site, but my guess is you’ll be happy you found it.

Good luck and welcome,
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