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Re: the Fuji religion has grown more cult-like

Actually, since the conventional opinion on the S3 is that it's only an "above average" camera, it's the S3 users and boosters who are the "heretics" for having an opinion that differs from the conventional thinking.

I probably won't buy an S3 until the price comes down to a reasonable level and I can get properly fitted for my cult-costume. Gosh, I'd better go finish my brain washing session too.


Derrel wrote:

The Fuji Religion has grown MUCH more cult-like. As Thom Hogan said
in his review, the S3 seems capable of polarizing the Fuji D-SLR
user base. When simple facts are presented here, a select FEW S3
owners rise to defend their camera with ridiculous claims that fly
in the face of what competent,professional, full-time camera
refviewers actually WRITE about the S3.
While Phil and popular photography magazines BOTh say that the 20D
out-resolves the S3 by a small but measurable amount--they "write"
these words, the new S3 defenders take a small image of a test
and then apply their OWN interpretation of it,and IGNORE
what the professional,full-time reviewers WRITE.
THis is pixel-peeping really,on the part of S3 owners. Pop Photo
and Phil mention the S3's tendency toward artifacts....YES, it
exists!!! phil does an exhaustive,thorough review, and then
selected,respected Fuji Forum members like Artichoke and Robert
Smith step in and publicy badmouth Hil Askey,and say things like,
"Phil dis a poor job on this review." And so on. I think that type
of negative commentary about phil's reviews is simply uncalled for.
Phil and all the other reviewers write words to go along with
their test results. ity is wayyyyy uncool to take images and then
apply one's own "interpretation" of the test chart photos,or the
noise graphs, and discuss out of context the findings of testers .
This is the real issue--dPreview Forum posters taking carefully
done,exhaustively controlled tests and deliberately and willfully
ignoring the text that accompanies noise, or resolution findings,
to twist things to their own point of view. Badmouthing Phil on
Phil's own website shows a real lack of a sense of being guilty of
biting the hand that feeds....I am simply amazed at the specific
individuals who have written wildly un-substantiated claims about
Phil's job of reviewng the S3. A good number of the S3 owners, the
early adopters who shelled out $2,500 for the camera, have been
very critical of the reviews of Hogan,Askey,Pop Photo,and of any
other person or organization that has in ANY way pointed out some
of the significant flaws or weaknesses of their new S3. This is the
D100 versus S2 issue,all over again, only NOW the value proposition
WRT the competing cameras does not favor Fuji like it did in the
D100-D60-S2 era some two and a half years back.
The S2 makes fine images. The S3 makes fine images. The D70 can
make fine images. The D2x and 1D Mark II make fine images. What
exactly is the problem that new S3 users are so,so,so touchy
about perceived negative comments about their new "baby"? Frankly,
I think all this talk about resolving power is stupid...With 6
quality MP's and some decent technique, a lot of fine photos can be
made. The camera's themselves, the mechanical and electronics
aspects of them are MORe important than the sensors are IMO. To me,
the SENSOR's performance counts for much less than the camera's
response time, viewfinder image,ease of use, and focusing/metering
ability of the "machine" part. Most all of us want a good image.
But we also have some ideas about flash synch speed, D-TTL (dead
TTL) as opposed to i-TTL, RGB cColor Matrix metering versus simple
colorblind metering, and excellent software versus sub-par
software. All this focusing on the sensor's abilities is the whole
baliwick of the S3 cheerleaders....others of us are concerned with
being able to see thru the camera, or of having no forward migraton
path flash-wise,and so on. in short,since the S3 has hit the
market, the Fuji religion has grown more cult-like. Dissenters are
branded as heretics. What a shame. We used to have a cool
forum,based on open discussion and fair-mindedness. Now we have a
split forum....Fuji promised the world, but delivered merely the
S3. What a shame.
Happy Shooting!

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