Just got my first L lense

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Just got my first L lense

I went to my local camera shop today where I bought my Tamron 28-75 lense three weeks ago. I went in to exchange the Tamrac System 3 bag for a different one as I found the inside top accessory zipper was touching the eyepiece of my 20D which I also got three weeks ago online. I had exchanged this bag just last week from the Tamrac System 2 bag. It was too small. Can you tell I am picky?

They had the new Tamron 18-200 F 3.5-6.3 lense in so I tried that out on my 20D. Haven't even downloaded the pictures off the card yet.

I told the guy I would prefer a faster lense as I will be using it for hockey and airplanes. I told him that I was looking to get a Sigma 70-200 2.8 since I can't afford the Canon equivilent. He said, stay away from the Sigma lenses. And we just got this Canon 70-200 2.8 L lense in today and is $900 used. I told him that would be nice but I can't really afford it right now as I just bought the 20D and a lense not three weeks ago.

I asked him if I could test it out and he let me take it outside with my 20D. I was amazed at the speed and told myself it sure would be nice someday but I can't afford it. So I took it back inside and told him I would think about it. He said, sure but it won't last long.

Keep in mind, at this point I still hadn't found the replacement bag for my reason of going in there in the first place. I had already made up my mind of keeping the Tamrac System 3 bag and switching around the dividers.

I told him that if I bought this Canon 70-200 lense it sure wouldn't fit in this System 3 bag I have. He brought me over to the bags and we looked at bigger bags. He showed me some backpacks, and shoulder bags that would do the job. None of them apealed to me and I was really hoping to find one to get this Canon lense. He went to the back and brought out the Canon 200EG backpack that would fit the 20D, my Tamron lense, and this Canon lense.

I said ok, but what about some kind of warranty since I have never bought a used lense much less new except in the past three weeks. He told me they have 30 days but that he would give me 60 days. I also asked him how long the guy had it for and if he had the case. He had it for 6 months I believe and didn't give them the case with the lense. They are going to check if he has the case since the guy comes in all the time.

So after all this, I told him I would get it. He evenly exchanged my Tamrac bag with the Canon backpack which was only a little bit more. And sold me the Canon 70-200 2.8 L lense for $875 down from the original $900.

I did not plan on this as I was going to get the Sigma 70-200. But I could not pass this up since it is only about $200 more than the Sigma lense.

Do you think this was a good deal? Only problem is, it didn't come with a box which isn't too big of a deal for me. I am going back in tomorrow because I left my Canon 20D battery charger in the Tamrac bag I exchanged. And yes, I called and they pulled it aside and put my name on it. I am going to ask if they can ask the guy if he has the original box and the case they come with.

I am pumped now, I went out after and took some pictures of some seagulls flying around. Something I thought I was getting way down the road I now have. Now I am going to wait a long while before getting my wide angle lense. Perhaps the Tamron 17-35 to pair up with the 28-75.

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