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Re: Gee! Given Adobe's 'huge financial setbacks due to piracy' maybe

budmci wrote:

we should all buy an extra copy to make sure we aren't hurting them
by mistake. See link

The problem with virtual monoplies is the institutional arrogence
that comes with it. They tend to think that their customers are
their enemies. They make their products to serve the corporation
and not the customer. They tend to forget that the ones who put
them there can take it away.


The reason they have a "virtual mopnopoly" as you call it is that they have a world class product which has cost them millions and millions to develop.

Adobe also produce a low cost version which is also first class and ideal for those with a limited budget. You can buy Paint Shop Pro and a dozen other products none of which come close to Photoshop.

They have every right to complain about piracy. If somebody stole your images for use in their advertising or literature without paying you you'd be far from happy?

If Adobe have a monopoly they earned it by a lot of hard work. If you don't like it there are lots of other inferior products you can buy for less money without lining Adobe's pockets.



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