is my brain farting??

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Screw the background option

Hi, Kevin,

Kevin Chao wrote:

and the brain took a $h1t...

well the reason why i wanted a higher shutter was... i had on the
100mm and wanted at least a 100 shutte

Well, that would be a good idea with regard to motion blur in the background component of expopsure. (It has no effect on the flash component, where motion blur is already prevented by the very short flash burst)

For typical indoor flash shooting, a shutter speed of 1/100 will probably prevent motion blur in the background in two ways:

1. The camera motion will be stopped by the fast shutter speed.

2. The exposure will be so low that there won't be any background visible, blurred or otherwise.

This is the principle behing the CF setting that makes the shutter speed in Av with a flash enabled always 1/250. I call it the "screw the background" option.

Best regards,


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