Buying a used lens (70-210mm) What to check for?

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Re: no go! - AF speed question....

Interesting......where do you find info such as AF speed ? Is this a measurable, quantifiable figure? Do you use a stopwatch or some other more hightech method I wonder ?

I didn't realise that this lense was peculiar in this way - I bought it 'cause I was after a cheap, short, light 200mm lense (which becomes 300mm on digital) - maybe I got a bargain for US$172 when I thought it was a bit steep.....


PD70 wrote:
I think the other difference is that the D version has much
improved autofocus speed. At least that is what I have read from
several sources. The flash info would not matter much to me, but
the AF speed does...

: (

jberth wrote:
Hmmmmm - as far as I know the non-D version shares the same optics,
and only differs in not having the distance information relayed
back to the camera - mainly affecting flash shots.

PD70 wrote:
What a waste of excitement! Despite checking with the seller
several times via email that the lens was a 'D' lens, it turns out
it wasn't. lens for me right now. And I thought I had
found a good deal. Oh well...

Thanks again. It'll all come in useful the next time!

Cassandra wrote:
You're welcome. It's a great little lens (I have one) and I'm sure
you'll enjoy it.


PD70 wrote:

Thanks Cassandra! That helps a lot. I'm going to bring my laptop
along too so I can upload the pictures to check.

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