Telephoto zoom choices, my brain hurts

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I have the 55-200 AND the 70-200 4L and...

They are worlds apart except in optical quality. I haven't tested them side by side, but you won't be disappointed in the optical quality of the 55-200 II lens if you have the 50 1.4 (I have that one too). I am sure that if I did a test the 4L would win, but not by leaps and bounds. Remember too that the 55-200 II has a circular aperature like the 2.8L IS. The 4L doesn't have this, yet in all honesty it has excellent bokah besides.

The major differences are with the build quality and size. Even though the 4L is a baby compared to the 2.8L it's huge compared to the feather lite 55-200 II. Even the hood is twice the size. They both focus at about the same speed I think; though the 55-200 clangs into focus while the 4L is much smoother. I don't need to tell you that the 4L is built expertly and feels great in action.

Of course another main difference is that the 70-200 is a nice constant 4 while the 55-200 is slower which does reduce its versatility and its ability to be viable with a 1.4 like the 4L is. If that isn't an issue then 5.6 at the long end is not so bad with Canon's DSLR's being so good at higher ISO's.

If there is any specific questions I can help you with I'll do my best to answer,

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