Canno 20D or Nikon D70

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Re: Canno 20D or Nikon D70 > both are fine / buy a good lense

PaulyOly wrote:

Joe11 wrote:

Nikon D70 and Canon 20D are already for a longer time on the market.
Unfortunately, both companies don't seal their boxes yet.
Please have a close to the box and to the foils inside and check
that you will get a really new part that has not brought been back
to the shop by someone else.

Yep, this is unexceptable to me and as consumers we should demand
that they do this. I'm sorry if this requires shops to ship back
hundreds of cameras to canon and nikon, but I don't really care, i
want a new camera. I feel the same way about lenses.

Thank you for reply.

I have done already some separate threads refering to this issue.
You can't say this enough.

Unfortunately, I still have not written an email to Canon and Nikon yet, due to their web-communication-form - I prefer normal emails.
But nevertheless, I will write them soon in any way.
Hope this will be done by others as well.
Only then, we can change something.

Looking forward to buy a new Canon 20D successor or a new Nikon D100 successor in a company - sealed box.

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