the fuji religion

Started Mar 26, 2005 | Discussions thread
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bm bradley Veteran Member • Posts: 3,991
the fuji religion

this is killin' me. . . . .

we fuji shooters have been accused of shooting the s2/s3 against all reasonable proof that the camera is total junk. we've been accused of misinterpreting the test results to influence other shooters to hop on the fuji 'band wagon' and delude ourselves into thinking that we are capturing great images with a great camera. we've been accused of being in a fuji 'cult' that shoots the fuji camera for no good reason at all because; it's slow, has no resolution, lousy focus, small buffer, uses AA batteries, doesn't support i-ttl, cheap plastic body and a host of other issues. personally I love the AA batteries, buy them by the case

may I point out that fuji shooters aren't on the other forums trying to convince other shooters to drop their cameras in favor of the fuji, we aren't on other forums trying to prove that canon/nikon/minolta/etc cameras are junk . . . that the test results prove we're right . . .

if ya don't like the fuji, don't shoot with one. now how hard can that possibly be?

geeeeee whiz . . . why don't you leave us poor confused idiots alone in out abject misery with our cr*p fuji's . . . and we'll just go on about our business . . . shooting the most beautiful images imaginable

hey!! if you can't see the difference with yer 'own two eyes' don't worry about it. doesn't concern you. not our fault. so don't be mad at us 'cause you can't see.

BTW looking into the nikon d2x 'cause I wanna have the nikon flash technology available to me, the fast shoot speed for some too . . . figure with the d2x and the s2 & s3 I'll have all the bases covered.

regards, bmb

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