Telephoto zoom choices, my brain hurts

Started Mar 25, 2005 | Discussions thread
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danh Contributing Member • Posts: 670
Telephoto zoom choices, my brain hurts

I think I have decided. But then I get all wishy washy and change my mind.

I currently own

50 1.8

And I want to get a telephoto zoom (???-200ish range).

I was planning on getting the Canon 55-200 zoom. It is cheap, small, light and decent for the task of taking on family trips. Down the line I could still keep it and get something like a 100-400 or 70-200L 2.8 etc.


Just go full out and get the 70-200L F4. The cost isn't the biggest factor. It is more the size. Also the fact that down the line I don't know if I would keep a 70-200 F4 and F2.8, but would still want to have a smaller zoom for times when a big monster lens is impractical.

The F4 is bigger than the 55-200 (but only 3 inches longer) and a bit faster (and constant aperture).

So torn. Right now I have a goal of keeping my bag as light as possible. It is hard enough juggling a wife and toddler on trips.


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