Buydig - 20D has used lens - alert letter

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Re: Buydig - 20D has used lens - alert letter

The 20D' 18-55 "Kit" I bought from Buydig came in brand new. Never been used:-)

MarkAM wrote:

I sent this letter (email) today to customer servce at Buydig :

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Hello Buydig

My 20D with kit lens order arrived last week. I inspected it very
carefully and found that while the body is clearly new, the lens
(kit lens, 18-55mm) is not. The lens has traces of grime on the
edge of one ring, a tiny scratch on the outside, and the lens cap
was clearly wiped over with a moist rag (faint signs of dried hard
water in streaks).

I'm not sure why I was shipped a used lens, but I guess someone did
not want theirs after using it for a while, and returned it.

I want to be reasonable about this. I'm prepared to give this lens
a tryout and see if there are any problems. I'm very busy at the
moment, so I may not be able to say for sure that this is a good
copy of the lens for a month or two. Various forums on the internet
where this camera is discussed (eg. ) mention that
some of these kits lenses are faulty, and this makes me nervous.

Please acknowledge this email so that I have a record that you were
informed of this situation in good time.



Some of you think I am a whiner and too picky about this, but this
is what I think is the right course of action, for ME. When I buy
new I expect new. Call me old fashioned, possums.

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