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3D Canvas ... not Maya

selwol wrote:

Hi, dont know if this is the right place to ask but i will anyway.
Iam looking for a 3D software for making objects and placing them
in my pictures,it has to be quite easy to learn,would be gratefull
for your help.

I have used many 3D applications, but did it from the perspective of trying to create CGI objects that I'd then import into my video editing work. You will find a huge range of "ease of use" for these sort of programs.

I used 3D Canvas ( http://www.amabilis.com ) quite extensively and would say that it is fairly easy to learn and quite powerful. It is also really cheap. Other products like Poser and Bryce have potential, but it depends on what type of objects you are trying to create or position.

Eventually, I moved to Maya, which is certainly the most complicated application I have ever tried to learn. The learning curve is steep, but the possibilities are nearly endless. It is also very expensive unless you can get an educational version.

For ease of use, support and price I'd have to recommend 3D Canvas. It also has a great scripting language which allows it to be quite extensible. Even if you don't use the scripts yourself, you can download other people's solutions and make some tasks much simpler.

Good luck!
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