Anybody use Ricoh 50mm F1.7 on Pentax *istDS?

Started Mar 23, 2005 | Discussions thread
Max Pometun Regular Member • Posts: 499
Rikenon P lenses

I hear all the bad things that can happen with Ricoh P lenses on the istD, but in my experience (105mm f2.8 macro Rikenon P, which has that automatic aperture pin) I encountered no problems with mounting and dismounting the lens from istD. The pin on this particular Rikenon (I never owned Ricoh's 50/1.7) is quite small, has a spring ball design, and I just don't see how on earth it can jam in anywhere.

Having said all that I would still be careful, since some people reported problems. Examine that pin carefully (make sure it's not a piece of wire or something), before mounting it on istD/Ds (it may not be a bad idea to try this lens on an old AF Pentax body, if you have one).

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