Camera Serial Number in EXIF data...

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Re: Camera Serial Number in EXIF data...

The hardware serial numbers are actually in the files just after the EXIF-information. I used them to gather statistics of my pictures that I described in this thread:

This is a part of the (python) code that I used to extract the serial numbers, as you can see I loop through all EXIF-tags and then read 400 bytes after the last tag and see if that piece contains any serial numbers..

hw = [
("050xxxxxxx" , "14-54"),
("060xxxxxxx" , "50-200"),
("010xxxxxxx" , "50macro"),
("080xxxxxxx" , "EX-25"),
("040xxxxxxx" , "EC-14"),
("101xxxxx" , "FL-50"),

def gethw(self):
maxtag = 0
for tag in self.exif.values():
if isinstance(tag, EXIF.IFD_Tag):
t = tag.field_offset + tag.field_length
if t > maxtag:
maxtag = t
s =
hw = []
for (serial, name) in self.hw:
if serial in s:
hw.append(name)"HW:%s" % "+".join(hw))

I can provide the whole code to anyone interested, what it does is it goes through a given directory on the hard disk and generates lines like this of each found picture file:

p3128965.jpg 8965 2005:03:12 14:40:43 Metering:Matrix Flash:No F/3.2 Bias:-1.0 Program:Aperture 50mm 1/60s ISO:400 ORF HW:50macro

I then have a separate program that goes through this file to generate graphs and statistics, which is still "under development" as it has been for couple of months..

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