Upgrade ACDSee or look elsewhere?

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Glen Barrington
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It's a shame really

The way ACDSee has deteriorated both as a company and as a product.

I'm sticking with version 6 for a while until I find something I like. And v6 isn't nearly as good or as fast as V5. I find my attitude extends to other ACDSee products as well (perhaps unfairly)

For instance, I really like ACDSee's fotoCanvas 3.0. It is an excellent Photo editor for what it does and it is most reasonably priced. It is something I use on an almost daily basis. It IS that good. But I am reluctant to recommend it very often because the service is SO crappy from ACDSee any more that in spite of offering a pretty good product, if a user has problems with it, the likelyhood of them getting it resolved is pretty slim in my opinion. (and let's face it, problems can happen with all software)

I just wish 1) they fix their product and 2)fix their service. If ACDSee just worked the way it was supposed to and they responded to service inquiries in a timely manner they'd be on top.

sirjere wrote:
If you shoot RAW with a Canon Camera (at least the 300D) I would
say stay away from ACDSee. It shows both the CRW and THM files for
each photo (instead of hiding the THM like other programs). ACD has
been very non-commital in saying when and even if they'll fix this
very annoying problem.

In general I'm really annoyed with ACDsee, I wish I wouldn't have
purchased it.

  • Jeremy

deeman wrote:

I have a bit of a dillemma. I currently use an older version of
ACDSee (3.1) to perform a fairly straightforward task of browsing
images and copying selected files into various other folders that i
define on the fly. I use PSCS for most everything else, but there
are a few things that make ACDSee invaluable.
1) It is FAST!
2) I can use a scroll wheel to advance quickly through images.
3) I can zoom in and out quickly with + - keys or icons
4) I can copy the current image to a specific folder with 2 clicks
and keep working through my images.

No for my major anoyance.... It does not rotate my images based on
the EXIF data.

I think back a year or two to an article from ShortShooter or
RobGalbraith (can't remember which) where they detailed the SI
workflow when shooting the Super Bowl. They were also using a
version of ACDSee and the article even discussed the photo editor's
heads tilting to the side for every portrait image that came up as
they hammered through thousands of photos.

I have heard really good things about BreezeBrowser and actually
downloaded the trial version, but it didn't seem to give me
anything more than what I have with ACDSee. Even the Auto Rotate
JPGs seemed to not work. But more importantly, it offered no
clearly identifiable zoom function and the CTRL-C copy function
really doesn't offer me any easier method than what I have now.

Am I missing something with BreezeBrowser?
Does a newer version of ACDSee fix my autorotate issue?
Are there other programs that perform those simple browse, zoom,
copy tasks that I should consider?

Any advice is appreciated.

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