Sell 20D for 350D/XT?

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Re: Sell 20D for 350D/XT?

I am making these comments based on my personal experience of the 2 cameras, I will repeat one more time, for me betweem the 20D and XT, I will call the XT a toy any time, I understand different people have different preferences and requirements, however, I don't consider expressing my personal opinion between the 2 product is "bad-mouthing", one man's food could be another man's poison, so my toy could be someonbe else's treasure, or the other way around. If you think the XT has the same built quality and can take the same abuse as the 20D or 1D MK2, great, that's your opinion, I respect that while I might have a different opinion myself, so I am not here to put "your XT" down , I am just talking the XT I have played with.

Eric Bond wrote:
While I own a 20D and have had a Digital Rebel (it's a Digital
Rebel/Rebel XT here in the States), I would not call it a toy. My
Rebel took plenty of knocks and abuse through the travels in Costa
Rica, brutally cold winters in northern Wisconsin/Minnesota and the
like and still managed to turn out some quite nice images.

The housing is composite material, the internals are of roughly
similar components. The speed is the biggest issue I see in
"downgrading" to a Rebel XT.

So, if the camera isn't right for you, great, but don't go
bad-mouthing it as a toy. Move your elitist self right on up to a
1D mkII and kiss us wannabies goodbye.


Dan_168 wrote:
Only if I lost my job today then I will sell my 20D, but still
won't get the 350D, since I wouldn't make much profit by trading
my 20D with a XT, personally, after owning the 20D, I just can't
see how could I downgrade myself to the 350D, it's so small and so
light, I might buy one for my kid as a nice toy though, well, may
be not, if he drop it, my $1000 goes down the drain. Actually , I
am thinking about upgrade myself to the 1D MK2 though.

SchnellerGT wrote:

I am NOT considering doing so, but I am curious if anyone here has
sold their 20D for the smaller 350D/Rebel XT?

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I am not here to argue or to tell you I am “right” so no need to
prove I am “wrong”

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I'm pretty sure I've taken a picture of that...I just can't find it.

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I am not here to argue or to tell you I am “right” so no need to prove I am “wrong”

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