AF Split-Image Matte for *istDS

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Re: not that poor viewfinder

Alek79 wrote:

Thank you, looks like I will have to look at things more closely.
Is it possible that the canon kit lens it that much better than
pentax to cause such a difference in vf view??? Shame on Pentax
then... Probably I will go for Pentax anyway (good, cheap manual
lens) but I'm dissapointed by what I've seen.

The Pentax DA18-55/3.5-5.6 is somewhat lacking in contrast wide open and is very slow (most of the time, wide open is f/4.5 or slower), a poor choice for manual focusing. Fit a better lens, like the DA16-45/4 or any fast prime, and the Pentax focusing screen will be shown to be excellent.

The Pentax kit lens is "ok" ... it was designed to be an inexpensive option used with autofocus most of the time. But it's far from the best.


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