[pic] WARNING - sharp image NON S3

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[pic] WARNING - sharp image NON S3

for those who dont want to look .. close this window now ...
for those who keep an open mind read on ...

some time ago a guy named Mark Abraham had difficulty to
get a sharp picture from the S2 and moved on to a D70 and
posted enthusiasticly how sharp these images were ...

now I have finally discoverd my hammer .. had a feel since some
time but did not really accept the fact because I had hope for
my F-mount stuff with the D2X ... I was reading about
MP does not matter .. DR does and 14 bit and the photografer
and the light and the pants you wear ... and I was patiently waiting
for this new wonder D2X to blow me away and show me a sharp
picture because the dark side does plastic surgery with faces and
noise reduction kills detail ... wait a minute wasnt that what Phil
just recently wrote in another context ??

well to all of you here having an S2 and not being convinced about
you future upgrade and direction .. let me tell you one thing :


I was convinced as many here that 12MP is an awesome improvement
in a Nikon body with weaker AA and finer noise making sharper pics ..
Nikon back in its old glory kicking some Canon a$$ ... and yeah I
hoped that too because I hat that cross fingering brick with an LCD
for which you need a lupe ... but ... pictures speak ...

this is a 75% reduction of a crop

guys I tell you .. you dont want to see the full pic ... you just dont want
to see it .. because if you do you are hooked ... just like the apple in
the very beginning ... lol ... I am poisoned now .. infiltrated by
millions of pixels which makes my skin itchy when I finally admit what I
have seen all along and was afraid to admit .... size matters ...

and now since we see pics here about good highlights in reflective products and shadow recovery resulting in horrible images which suggest ISO12800 and people believe that you need an S3 to achieve this ..

I have very good news for you ... you dont .. the S2 does it no problem
in many many cases .. its a bit like those new dresses .. you know which one ..

with my painful journey about decision making for all the stuff I use daily ...
well I need to have fun and I want Image Quality ... thats why I was here
in the first place ... I found my new toy for at least 6 months :)) ..lol

This is going to be a kinda goodby to all the people liking me and all the ones disliking me ... yeah sure I am impulsive, and provocative, and obsessive and whatever ... rofl ... thats me .. so be it ... to all of you who were open enough to have a good fight without being single minded .. thats what I really hate ... I hope you have lots of fun ... and good shooting ... to all others ... well I dont really care ... do I ? oh well ...
have fun too ... rofl ..

the next best thing which could interest me now is a P25 .. I have started to book some more weddings :)) ... so I am working on it .. lol ...

my S2 is gone :(( ... a client took it off me ... kinda sad ... well ..
we will see ... its only temporary ... (a loaner to him) ... so I do
not shoot an S2 anymore ... well at least not officially ...

that 200-400 is still on its way ... we will see what I do with it ..
for the time being ...its 1Ds2

there are a few problems with that ... thats what I had over the loaner period .... my glas is not long enough for that FF ... damn
was out today with the Sigma 120-300 ... boy thats a shorty now ...

so new challenges ahead ... c ya around who knows I might get
an S3 when they half the price and I get sentimental

have fun

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