20D Kit on eBay...guy offered me second chance deal.

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Re: Get his personal contact information

Then try calling him at the number of record on Ebay to see if the info matches up. If his phone number or username changed recently, BE WARY. I would be pretty suspicious as it is for that price he/she is offering.

Negative3 wrote:

So this guy e-mails me and says his buyer backed out of the auction
and he would be willing to sell me the unopened 20D Kit. I am of
course skeptical so I lowball him for the price of $950.

I get an e-mail from him saying that he would agree. Of course I
am further skeptical because he doesn't accept PayPal and only
wants to use a money order or cashier's check or Western Union
transfer. However, in his auction it states that COD is offered.
That seems like the route to go in my opinion.

The guy has been an eBay member since 1/2003 and has 129 positive
feedback with only 3 negatives (97.7%). One involved him not
selling an item to someone because they had an unconfirmed address.
Another involves him not wanted to sell to a Canadian buy per his
auction's description. The last one says he refused to sell the
item because the price was too low. He has sold many 20Ds in the
past and many other high priced items so that is reassuring.

I guess the purpose of this diatribe is to ask if I should go
through with this or just leave it alone because if it's too good
to be true...it probably is.

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