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Re: For Robert Smith:

Robert Smith wrote:

Bruce Douglas wrote:

Why is the S3 only "above average" in spite of 2 more stops of
dynamic range and other benefits? ....

The overall ratinga are much less useful, and should be

Bruce Douglas

.... or ignored. Some people put a LOT of stock in professional
review by those (such as Phil) who don't actually use the camera
for their work. That's a mistake in my opinion -- for any camera.
Phil does a valuable service, but his reviews -- and by others who
provide "all inclusive" reviews -- are not the be-all and end-all.
Now, the forums he provides here are extremely valuable -- you get
the benefit of users problems and successes, plus access to great
image samples.

These reviews, for better or worse, can have powerful effects in
the marketplace, and they can also be an encouragement or detriment
for a photographer to even try a piece of gear. It is what it is.

I put at least as much stock in personal accounts (call them
"limited scope" reviews) from users.


Since you don't place to much value on "Reviews", what was the determing factors in your decision to purchase the S3?

Ted S

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