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Re: why press the AEL in this sequence?

D. G. wrote:

I don't use the AEL button much because I prefer to use the Manual
exposure. With the live histogram to look at , it is very fast to
adjust and easier to adjust to your taste. Once done it is locked
by default.

And there's no finger gymnastics for + - exp comp while holding the
shutter half pressed or anything like that.

Here's another "recipe":

I use my A1 in aperture-priority mode virtually all the time. I have the rear control dial programmed to adjust aperture and the front to adjust the exp. comp. Since the histogram is always on in my viewfinder, I leave the metering on evaluative mode and adjust my exp. comp. as needed, based on what I am seeing on the histogram. With the control dials setup this way, there are no finger gymnastics to contend with.

The only time I use the AEL button is to lock the EVF display so I can see the effects of my polarizer filter. Pressing AEL prevents the camera from automatically making exposure adjustments that would counter-act the darkening of the sky in the EVF.

That's the beauty of the A1, it provides multiple paths to the same goal. Just choose the path you like the most.

Also if your lighting allows it and you lock focus at approx 2.5
meters, and then use an smaller aperture of maybe f/8.0 you'll
effectively have a fixed focus lens due to the huge DOF and can
just vary the shutter speed for your only adjustment. This is a
very fast way to shoot and basically how street photographers dealt
with manual film cameras.

I often do this with my A1. I put it on Aperture-priority mode and set the aperture to 5.6 or 8 and manual focus to 2-3 metres. Having done this using manual exposure on my manual film rangefinder, I must say that I prefer the flexibility of aperture-priority metering. Saves me the hassle of adjusting the shutter speed whenever I switch from shooting toward shade and sunlight.


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