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Re: Calcu-Flash II light meter

fliptight wrote:

welp under a suggestion i saw in some other threads here, i bought
a Quantum Calcu-Flash II meter (which is an ambient AND flash
meter, nice!) on ebay for $35 shipped because honestly i didnt a
$200 meter. tunrs out ambient metering is fine but flash metering
is off and inconsistent

ay i shoulda just bought a new meter but ambient+flash are
expensive. anyway couple of questions:

1) anyone who have managed to keep a Calcu-Flash II have this problem?

I have one, also bought cheap off eBay. It is pretty consistent, but consistently off. I conducted an experiment that allowed me to calculate a correction, and I apply that by "lying" about film speed. I set up a scene and stationed the camera and flash 10' away (I was also trying to establish guide numbers for flash. I put the flash meter in the scene, facing the flash, so it obtained a reading on every exposure. I manipulated the aperture on the camera until I obtained the histogram I thought was appropriate for the scene (in camera, but doubled checked later in photoshop) and recorded the number from the flash meter. (My "scene" had white, gray, and black poster boards in it, a small Koday 18% gray card, plus some other stuff. I mostly relied on the white board and "exposed to the right" but checked other values too)

If I set on the flashmeter the ISO speed I was using in camera, it was off by more than a stop. So I moved the ISO dial until that "number" exposure on the flashmeter's LEDs gave me the aperture I used in camera for a good exposure.

Since I did that, I have found it quite good, and a remarkable bargain given the price. Getting it calibrated was a bit of a nuisance, but well worth the money I saved. Remember it is measuring incident light. If a scene is unusually light or dark, you may want a small amount of exposure compensation, but for my "standard scene" it was pretty consistent if I halved or doubled the 10' distance so basically over plus/minus 2 stops from where I calibrated. I couldn't really test beyond that practically, it may be good over a wider range.

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