Cash-In-With-Canon Rebate woes..

Started Feb 15, 2005 | Discussions thread
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what is the site to check on rebates status? (n/t)

nickleback wrote:

Michael Friedman wrote:

I think that more people have trouble with rebates than report if
on these forums (I'm not just talking about Canon here). This is
especially true if the amount is relatively small, say less than
$50. At a certain point many people probably give up because it's
just not worth the hassle.

In fact, the rebate processing companies count on that, as part of
their marketing of rebates to retailers and

I believe companies understand this very well; so they use rebate
offers as a come-on and then put customers through the wringer if
there for even the slightest reason.

It is the rebate processing company that is putting you through the
wringer. Once you understand that, it'll be easier to play the
game. Canon has no interest in putting you through the wringer --
you are their customer.

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