B&W printing, inkjet, amateur on a budget

Started Mar 13, 2005 | Discussions thread
Dominic.Chan Veteran Member • Posts: 6,168
Re: B&W printing, inkjet, amateur on a budget

Brad Hill wrote:

Lack of available ICC profiles is one I've seen a few people
mention. Others find it confusing that rather than selecting
something along the lines of disable color management in the
printer driver, you select ICM Color Management as your color space.

I'm not adept enough with color management to find either of these
limiting factors for my needs, however, and as you re-stated it
doesn't apply to B&W printing anyway.

The 7960 does come with ICC profiles for HP Photo Paper, Premium Paper, Premium High Gloss Film, Premium Plus Photo Paper, and plain paper. In addition, separate profiles are provided for the 6-ink configuration and 8-ink configuration.

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