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Re: D2HS + D2X = less price than 2x1DII

PerL wrote:

Daniella wrote:

geee weeez..how much to you pay the 1d II in Europe? the nikon is
€3733.00. that is more than 4500 US I think.

here int eh USA you can get the 1D II for 3700 US a good reseller.

Price comparisions are a bit strange now because the dollar has
lost so much in value the last year, about 25 percent or so.
Excluding consumer tax (which professionals deduct) the street
price of the D2HS is around 3700 dollars, the D2X 5400 dollars, the
1D II 4700 dollars.

check at buydig. good reseller and the price for the 1DII is 3695$

I guess many newspapers who use Nikon will buy their photogs a D2H
+ D2X combo (9100 dollars) which is an interesting alternative vs
two Canon 1 D II (9400 dollars), especially if the new D2HS have
improved high-ISO noise.

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