Non-Canon Battery won't charge in 20D charger

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Re: Non-Canon Battery won't charge in 20D charger

steve in CA wrote:

Hi, I bought a non-canon battery BP-511, and it worked great in my
10D, now that I've upgraded to a 20D, this battery is not
recognized by the canon 20d charger (CG-580) - the red light
doesn't come on indicating it being charged. If I charge the
original canon battery (BP-511) the red light on the charger comes
on and charges fine.
Just doesn't seem to recognize my non-canon (chinese) battery!
The non-canon li-ion battery has a rating of 1200mah, whereas the
canon battery has a rating of 1390mah. Other than that they look

Has anyone seen this?

I put the non-canon battery in my 20D and it works fine. . .


I had a similuar problem with an non-canon battery. The damm thing worked for about 3 charges then just gave up. The ironic thing is that it charges (both its own and the canon charger goes through the motions like its charging) but when I put it in the 20D it does not power on. I feel so trapped cause those Canon BP-511 cost an arm and a leg.

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