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Re: I have the C86 and MIS

If you're comfortable buying a used printer, see if you can find an old Epson 1160 wide carriage printer on Ebay. Got mine for about $90 and it does a great job with the MIS UT variable tone inks (I use Quad Tone Rip to print).

everett yee wrote:
I bought the Eboni black ink from MIS, but instead of buying all
four grayscale cartridges, I just replaced the black so that I can
still print color if I still want to.

Check out the following article by Clayton Jones on black only
http://www.cjcom.net/articles/digiprn3.htm .

I've had good results so far with black only printing using the
Eboni MIS ink, but with the cheap C86 instead of the 2200 or 1280,
like Clayton mentions.

FrancoPrussianWar wrote:

I have learned over the years I am color challenged (the sutleties
elude me) so have shot mostly black and white. I have given my
darkroom equipment to a local high school and have gone entirely
digital with a film scanner for my old negatives and shoot entirely
digital now. I use Photoshop 7.0 and will soon upgrade to CS. I
have an Epson Stylus Photo 750 that has been a workhorse for years
but am not pleased with its black and white output and wish to
upgrade without huge cost (hopefully less than $800 for printer and
first batch of inks). I rarely make prints over 8x10. Reading what
I can on this forum and others (there is nothing since the end of
January on this topic) I wonder if the new Epson R1800 or one of
the new Canon printers would fit my amateur needs? MIS or other
special inks? Anyone out there in the same boat?

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