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Re: B&W printing, inkjet, amateur on a budget

Take a look at the HP 7960. It was recently replaced by the 8000 series but from what I can tell they don't offer much of an improvement. The ink is supposedly nicer though it's a tad more expensive and there's a little less per cartridge. They also have a nice new look.

Lots of people recommend the 7960 for B&W printing noting true gray shades due to the #59 Gray Photo cartridges. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone having complaints with B&W prints from this printer.

The two main complaints are lack of color management profiles/options, and pizza wheel marks when using some papers.

I don't know that the color management issue is going to be much of a problem if you're focusing on B&W and it really hasn't been a problem for my color printing either.

Not all 7960 owners have problems with the pizza wheel marks but I do occasionally see it on some of mine. The trend I've seen is that they are more prevalent with thinner papers. I've had 0 marks show up on the HP Premium Plus Photo Paper Matte or the Ilford Gallerie Classic Pearl papers. The newer HP PPPP Glossy that is 280 g/m weight also hasn't given me any problems but the older PPPP that is 240 (i think) does occasionally show the wheel marks.

With the release of the 8000 series HP inkjets, prices on the 7960 have dropped like a rock. I think I paid $250 for mine under a year ago. Now you can get one for $100 from staples.



FrancoPrussianWar wrote:

I have learned over the years I am color challenged (the sutleties
elude me) so have shot mostly black and white. I have given my
darkroom equipment to a local high school and have gone entirely
digital with a film scanner for my old negatives and shoot entirely
digital now. I use Photoshop 7.0 and will soon upgrade to CS. I
have an Epson Stylus Photo 750 that has been a workhorse for years
but am not pleased with its black and white output and wish to
upgrade without huge cost (hopefully less than $800 for printer and
first batch of inks). I rarely make prints over 8x10. Reading what
I can on this forum and others (there is nothing since the end of
January on this topic) I wonder if the new Epson R1800 or one of
the new Canon printers would fit my amateur needs? MIS or other
special inks? Anyone out there in the same boat?

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