Returned 20D, will stick with 300D

Started Mar 15, 2005 | Discussions thread
Don Schultz Veteran Member • Posts: 4,124
How do you figure the 20D is $1300 more than a 300D? nt

gaog66 wrote:

Just mailed it back. I have been comparing the 20D and 300D for
the past ten days and really could not convince my heart that the
improvement is worth another $1300.

Focus: in normal to bright light conditions, 20D and 300D are
almost the same on 50/1.4 lens. 20D may be a bit faster, but 300D
is fast enought. The advantage of 20D will show up at very dim
light, but I seldom shoot under that circumstance.

Picture quality: amost no difference. the AWB of 20D is slightly
better, but I shoot in raw, so it doesn't matter much.

Shutter sound: 20D is too loud. This attracts too much attention to
me, which I do not deserve.

Continuous shooting: 20D is fantastic! But I mainly shoot portraits
and scene, not sports.

In all, I feel I could not enjoy the improvements in 20D over
300D. My 20D's LCD is also a bit tilted. After thinking over night
whether to return it or exchange for a new copy, I decide to send
it back and use the extra money to buy a 580EX and a 85mm/1.8.

Hope I made a wise decision.

Thank you all for your inputs.

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