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Re: Check out the HP 8750, due out in May (nt)

Is the 7960 obsolete, and replaced by the HP 8150 & 8450? They use the 97, 99, & 100 cartridges. They contain the Vivera inks which have been rated for 100 years of fade resistance by Wilhelm Research. WWW.wilhelm-research.com . The important fact in this discussion is the 100 cartridge has 3 shades of gray/black, similar to the 59.

At any rate, I bought an 8450 for $229. It makes great color prints, and is advertised to be excellent for B&W because of the three shades of gray ink. I've only made a couple B&W so far and they look good. I converted one to B&W with Nikon Capture, and also adjusted a night parking structure photo to a greenish B&W. The prints I've made have matched the Sharp (brand name) LCD display without any fancy calibration.

My plan is to use the 8450 to reproduce all the photos in 1920's photo albums from my wifes parents. My expectation is to get better results with less effort than when I used a Pentax, film, and chemicals for a diferent album years ago.

Later I may move up to a 13" by 19" printer, and will probably be considering the Epson 2200, or the new HP8750 and Epson R1800.

I guess the bottom line is - for $229 the 8450 makes great color, and excellent B&W with out the hassle of exotic ink setups etc. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but so far, so good.


abergfeld wrote:

FrancoPrussianWar wrote:

I have learned over the years I am color challenged (the sutleties
elude me) so have shot mostly black and white. I have given my
darkroom equipment to a local high school and have gone entirely
digital with a film scanner for my old negatives and shoot entirely
digital now. I use Photoshop 7.0 and will soon upgrade to CS. I
have an Epson Stylus Photo 750 that has been a workhorse for years
but am not pleased with its black and white output and wish to
upgrade without huge cost (hopefully less than $800 for printer and
first batch of inks). I rarely make prints over 8x10. Reading what
I can on this forum and others (there is nothing since the end of
January on this topic) I wonder if the new Epson R1800 or one of
the new Canon printers would fit my amateur needs? MIS or other
special inks? Anyone out there in the same boat?

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