Sea water damage

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Re: Too late

Ken-L wrote:
The only hope you might have had would have been to immediately
wash out the camera in clean (distilled) water as completely as you
could, drain and dry it....even that maight not have worked....and
if it was on at the time the electronics would have fried anyway.

It's the salt water that's such a killer.

Too bad you hadn't left the camera in your car at the beach and
SOMEBODY STOLE IT. That way you could have filed an insurance claim!

dnovice wrote:

We were sitting on the grass eating a sandwhich my D70 on the
blanket a rogue wave came up and drenched me and my camera. I
haven't had it to the shop yet but the photo shops in Kuia said it
is a total loss. I took it apart, that is lens off, and opened all
doors and used a hair dryer but it is still dead. Any thoughts?

Thanks to all for your reply. I have just returned from the repair shop and the camera is a total loss. I feel like a fool but I will learn from it.

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