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HP 7660 and Epson C86

I second the HP 7660. I have one and it works beautifully with the #59 gray cartdrige. Harder to find though today - but should be around 50-70$ if found refurbished (OfficeMax has a bunch of them).

It gives you unbelievably pain-free - crisp 1200 dpi printing images, with no hassle. Works nicely on gloss and lustre papers. As teh above poster - use trhe InkTec refill kits and the prices will drop dramatically. A cartdrige is like 24$ and you can print probably 50-60 4x6 in at Max dpi - or 20-25 8x11 at max dpi settings.

Now - I mentioned HP 7660 AND C84 for a good reason. Coming from a darkroom/b&w setting - you migt want to look at some warmer prints - and the Hp gives you kind of cold B&W.

I found absolutely fascinating the pure carbon prints from the Epson C84 with the MIS inks (www.inksupply.com) - they work on matte papers too (one of the main shortcomings of the HP systems) and there ius that warm - almost sepia toned B&W that has to be sen to be able to be described.

Anyhow - both printers are under 100$. It matters a lot what you expect from B&W - and you can find alost as many fanatics in the BW printing as in the good old days with Ilford and Kodak Tri-X bar fights...

Regards, DusaC

References: http://www.inksupply.com , http://www.paulroark.com and there is a good Yahoo group for Digital Black and White Printing...

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