How many brand of Teleconverter Lenses are there?

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Re: Teleconverter Lenses - Summary - So Far

In past posts, I've seen several different brands of Teleconverters
for the 2100UZ, could we list all the different brands in this one
thread? Also, approximate price.


Olympus B300 1.7x $125 to $160

Olympus TCON-14 1.45x Teleconvert (46mm? threads) $75 to $120

Olympus TCON-14B 1.45x teleconvert (for E10) $200 ??? go figure

Olympus C-160 H.Q. 1.45x telephoto (NO DETAILS) $86 @ Global Mart
Olympus C-180 H.Q. 1.7x telephoto (NO DETAILS) $36? @ Global Mart
Olympus C-210 H.Q. 1.9x telephoto (NO DETAILS) $107 @ Global Mart
for more info -
Olympus website has VERY little tech info on these lenses, although the
'cliffshade' site indicates that although they are similar indesign to the
B300 they don't perform quite as well.

Raynox OCR-1830 1.8x $85 to $120
Raynox HD747T2 2X (52mm threads) about $90

Kodak Ektanar 2x telephoto (43mm threads) $60 to $80
Kodak Ektanar 2x telephoto (37mm threads) $50 to $70

Eagle Eye OpticZoom (5x). $234 (37mm threads??) at

Canon 1.4x (no details - any help???)

Sony Camcorder Telephoto lenses - I saw several lenses that looked like
they would work but don't have any details.

Sakar Titanium 2X Telephoto Lens (46MM) at $129.99
(no details, hasn't been tested yet but someone is ordering one to try)

TIFFEN - there are apparently 'old' and 'new' versions of this lens.
Some indications are that the OLD versions might work but the New
versions DO NOT work with the Oly-2100UZ, however, they do work with
other Olympus cameras.
Tiffen Megaplus 2x teleconverter (43 mm threads) $80
Tiffen Megaplus 2x Telecoverter (37mm thread) $??

Help out with nore info and more details.


The Kodak still look appealing. There are sample photos posted somewhere in the Olympus forum.

The Raynox is also appealing.

Of course, the Olympus B300 would be the first choice, but I'm afraid that by the time I can afford one they either won't be available or the scarcity and demand will have foced the price up to where I can't afford one.

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