SD500 or S410

Started Mar 10, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Dean,

Hi there, I am a real newby in digital photography, planning for a second acquisition (my first Sony P72 was stolen...).

I´ve seen many positive review on Canon's A95, which is 5MP. Is it comparable somehow to this SD500 / S410 discussion?? It seems to me that it is also a good camera, similar technology comparing to the S410 and also good reasonable priced. Am I pointing an absurd comparision??

I figure that if SD500 price doesn't drop quite a bit, I would go to A95, for the 5 MP and also for the underwater mode, which interests me.

I am sorry - so many models from the same manufacturer sometimes gets me a bit confused... Can someone provide me a better understanding of A95 relation with S410 and SD500?

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