Does Fuji ship their S3 pro in sealed boxes?

Started Mar 11, 2005 | Discussions thread
OP Joe11 Regular Member • Posts: 184
Thanks Mike, Thanks Laurie

What a disgrace for Nikon and Canon !!

I bought a Canon 20D recently and exchanged it two times.

Still wondering, if it has been used already by someone else, as some default parameters were changed already.

I am fed up with exchanging it again. Will keep it nevertheless.
Now I can write to Nikon and Canon that the seal their boxes.
So what it the reason why Fuji does it and Nikon and Canon don't?

Unfortunately, the Fuji S3 pro was too expensive.
Hopefully it will be cheaper soon.

Joe11 wrote:

Nikon has no seal on their D70 kit box.
Canom has no seail on their 20D box.

What about Fuji?
Do they company-seal their boxes with DSLRs?

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