Best RIP for 7500 Quadtone?

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Best RIP for 7500 Quadtone?

I am planning to set up an Epson 7500 printer for quadtone printing.
The printer is hopelessly clogged in the first two nozzles so I need
software that will allow me to reassign ink colors and switch off the
first two nozzles. I prefer to work on a Mac but also have a PC if

I have lots of experience with the original piezography software and
inks (now Sundance / R9) used with Epson 1160's and 3000 printers and
have had fantastic results.

I am considering StudioPrint or OpenPrintMaker (IJC/OPM) because both
will allow me to reassign ink nozzles (I dont know if any other RIPs
will do this also).

Does OPM yield as good results as the others?

The problem is that I have heard that neither of these would give me
the "grainless" dotless prints I have been getting with the R9
(Sundance) software. Is it true that the dotlessness in OPM only
applies to the highlights?

I wonder if anyone has had the opportunity to compare R9 to
OpenPrintmaker and StudioPrint in terms of overall quality, tonal
range and dotlessness. (and what about Cone software?)

Any light that you can shed on the subject would be greatly



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