Pentax Response to Flash Selection for DS...? Hmmm?

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Re: Pentax Response to Flash Selection for DS...? Hmmm?

I got lucky and found a used AF 360 FGZ at KEH. If you can't afford a new one, you might just keeping looking for used.

If you can't wait, there are several older Pentax flashes that, as another posted noted, come up on eBay regularly and inexpensively. Some people have exposure trouble with these, since they may do TTL but not P-TTL. YMMV. It's hard to figure out when TTL works and when it doesn't. One solution is to use the old-fashioned "auto" flash feature that some of these have. A sensor in the flash itself reads the light amount and the flash shuts itself down when there has been enough light. Go to Boz's site to find out which models have auto and/or TTL. Some very experienced people have used auto and gotten good exposures.

But for the long-term you really will be better off with a P-TTL flash. Put aside the money you'd otherwise be spending on film.


RonJohn wrote:

Here's the Pentax response to my question which is at the end of
this posting. I'm still confused about the flash trigger voltage

Also, I didn't realize there were different 'hot shoes.' I thought
a hot shoe was a hot shoe!


"Thank you for contacting Pentax Imaging Co.

While we couldn't advise you regarding the compatibility of non
Pentax flashes with Pentax cameras, the problem generally occurs
when someone tries to use a flash designed for one of our
competitor's cameras on one of our cameras. The pin placement on
the hot shoe is generally not the same which causes the short
circuiting of electronics inside.

Older Pentax flashes should work on newer cameras depending on what
model they are. However, you may not have some features available
on newer flashes.

We hope this helps

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our
Customer Service Department at: 800-877-0155 "

Mark Smith
Pentax Imaging Co.

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