Enjoying my new (old) Coolpix 990...

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Re: What card size ???

Thank you !!!
I already order my 256 mb card !!!

This is the main plus point of digtal, that you can take picture you wouldn't with film !

DAJr wrote:

Oiliud wrote:
I want to get a 256mb one or even a 512mb.
Will they work ?

I use a 256mb card in mine, and can get 163 hi-res (fine jpeg)
images from it. Although Nikon says cards over 128mb aren't
supported, I think I've seen posts that said 512mb cards do work.

I find that with the 990, I'm taking pictures of things that I
wouldn't bother with, if I had to drag out my pro equipment...
Like the photo below, of the pullchain on a regular household lamp.

Have fun... it's truly a "great" camera.


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