I checked out the *istDS compared to 300D

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Re: I checked out the *istDS compared to 300D

Tulsaman wrote:


Long time, no hear from! I have enjoyed your posts down on the
Panasonic forum. And you are now addressing an issue I am faced
with as well--istDS or XT?

Right now, I have a Canon G5--good image quality, but not as usable
as a DSLR would be in lower light, action, etc. Plus, I feel more
comfortable with an SLR in my hands. I am very, very old--or at
least my kids say I am!

I held the DS yesterday. Feels very good in my hands, sturdy, good
placement of controls. But while others talk about the great
viewfinder, I found it a bit darker than the Canon Rebel as well.
Maybe just my eyes?

Our local shop here in Tulsa is supposed to have XTs in today or
tomorrow, so I can compare the two then. But the price of the
DS--$850 for the kit on Amazon--is very tempting. I don't have
lenses for either brand, so that is not an issue.

Anyone else have comparison thoughts between the two?

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Like I said earlier, the DS AF is quite a bit slower than the 300D. That is a real problem for me. I was very disappointed by it. Otherwise each has their strong and weak points as I mentioned.

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