1Dsm2 and Contax lenses, opinions please!

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Dave Chilvers
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1Dsm2 and Contax lenses, opinions please!

I posted this on the RG equipment Forum but it seems a bit dead on their at present. Anybody else using Contax lenses and feel that the jump up in quality might not be worth the hassel and expense??

"What a well made adapter the camera quest is.

I found on my new lenses (Contax) that the copper/brass pressure spring clicked into the locating grove on the lens and prevented the adapter from being removed from the lens( it didn't happen on the secondhand lens so I think that the grove must be used on the Contax camera and wears slightly over a period and lets the spring out easier)

Anyway, no big deal I just slightly altered the angle of the spring/pressure clip to a point where it comes out of the grove but is firm enough to maintain the lens position. What I like is the actual Canon locating pin on the body locates nicely into the adapter and sets the position just right.

The light was fading fast but couldn't resist a quick few shots, first very rough examples:

28 Canon 2.8 vs 28 2.8 Zeiss: Corners no comparison, @F 11 the corners on the Canon were fuzzy to say the least where as the Zeiss had sharpened up nicely. Edges on the width were still ahead with the Zeiss. Centre area would need a decent test and better light to separate them.

50 1.8 mk11 Canon vs 50 1.7 Planar: Similar results as above with the planar giving slightly better centre.
It was so nice to handle what felt like a quality lens for a change.

As I say, the light was fading fast and some better testing will be needed but I can't help from having expected a more marked difference between the makes.(more so over the central areas)but we shall see.Perhaps a comparison on the 20D instead of the 1Dsm2 might show different results."

Thanks for any views on this

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Dave C

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