US Passports - A guide

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US Passports - A guide

I have recently had to renew my passport and the passport of two of my children. I decided there was no way I would give a starving photog even $10 for the pics as they are easily done at home.

I guess the first thing you should do is go to the gov's website and read the regulations.

I did so and devoped a photoshop file to make the passport pictures with a near fool proof method.

Step one

find a white wall in your house or somewhere preferably with as little texture as possible.

Step two

Have the subject stand a few inches away from the wall and frame the image so that the camera is in typical landscape orientation. Make sure to fit the persons torso from about the belly button on up to maybe 10" above the persons head. Use a flash to take the picture. The government isn't a magazine. They want a well lit face without shadows.

Step three
Open the file in photoshop

Step four

Open my PS passport picture making file in PS. open layers and select the backgound Passport.psd (The actual file)

Step five

go back to the photo you opened in step three and copy it into the file in step four. You will need to play with the transform function and move and resize the image so the eyes line up within the black lines. I then check for suitable head size by repositioning the three blue lines. Line the bottom blue line up with the chin. If the top of the head falls within the upper two blue lines then you are good to go. If not you may need to resize some more. Note!! when resizing using the transform function, be sure to hold the shift key do to maintain the correct aspect ratio.

Step six

uncheck all layers but the image and perform any minor color corrections you need to. In many cases the camera will underexpose because of the white background and therefore you may need to do some levels corrections to lighten the background. Then save as a high quality jpg.

Step seven

I usually create a blank 6x4x300dpi photo and paste six copies of the image into it. I then send it of to a local photo printer to for the print. I usually use Sam's club and for $0.19 for six perfect pictures, who can beat it.

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