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Re: No curves feature in PSE3? Useful feature?

Thanks for the link, that is a better set.

Conchita wrote:
A more complete set of free add-ons here:

Joe11 wrote:
Ok, here it ist

Sometimes a search before would be good

Joe11 wrote:
Till now, I have got Photoshop Elements 2.0 with my Canon 20D and I
also have got Photoshop Elements 2.0 with my Sony Notebook.

Unfortunately, you can't load the raw images directly in PSE2, I've
Have not tried it yet, I have not used any PS till now.

Some shops sell PSE3 already for approximately 70 Euros.
I'm thinking about ordering it.

In the comparison, there is written at "image adjustments" that
there is no "curves" feature at PSE3. What does this mean? Is
curves a nice feature?
Is it a feature where you can give your pictures a Fuji Film Colour
like look?
I know that there is/was much about written in the Nikon D70 forum.

What do you think about the missing curves feature in PSE3?
Is there something similar in PSE3?

jfriend00 wrote:

Gerry Pasternack wrote:

From time to time I seen a review/comparison of these two PS
products. Can someone provide me with a link?

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