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Re: Same applies to metal halide lighting

The same thing JulesJ wrote about florescent also applies to metal halide lighting, which is found in many of the newer gyms. The color rendering index of these lamps vary, but many have big gaps in the spectrum.

JulesJ wrote:
look at a histogram of any light source. Daylight (morning, midday
and evening), tungsten,and halogen and they are all fairly 'clean'.
The color spike will be mainly in one place and is fairly easy to
balance. Flourescents on the other hand are 'dirty' all sorts of
color spikes all over the place. Hence these are the mostdifficult
to set WB for or to correct later in PS.



cadillacdan wrote:

Yo - Mosquito Brain,

I've found more times than not that Auto WB doesn't cut it -
HOWEVER, this past weekend I was shooting an indoor classic car
event (lots of bright overhead flourecsent lights) and before I
went full-bore shooting away I experimented by thumbing through WB
settings and Auto WB turned out to be most acurate! I was shooting
simply to document the event, so I was in jpeg fine rather than
RAW. That being said, I wanted to get the proper WB in the camera.

So...........never say never. Test a couple settings first and see
what you get.


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Should I buy the Nikon or the Canon???? Doh.

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