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Re: Hope that the lense won't get any dust from the 20D :-)

Now that's funny! Well, my 24-70L is supposed to be sealed...

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Joe11 wrote:
Otherwise we should buy new clean lenses for the 20D successor ..

teglis wrote:

Your experience is similar to mine. Had trhe 300D for a year and
never noticed any dust, in spite of lots of lens changes. With the
20D, I was seeing dust shadows after about two months, f/8 or

You mention "Anyhow, there's enough evidence that the 20D is prone
to dust problems...". Can you point me to such evidence? Other
than my personal experience, this is the first I've heard about the
20D being worse than the 300D.

dpbear wrote:

I've been thinking about the Sensor Brush from Visible Dust. I'm a
little annoyed that it seems you have to buy the 2-brush kit,
instead of being able to buy just one brush. Did I miss something?

Anyhow, glad to hear that your experience matches some of the
fabulous reviews on other Web sites (e.g. luminous landscape). Your
post reminded me that I wanted to do a search for the brush on the
forums here.

I have never noticed dust spots on my 300D pictures after several
months of shooting, although I'm sure I would find some if I looked
hard enough. The other day, however, I noticed two blurry dark
spots in the sky of a 20D shot taken at F8. Sure enough, when I
later took a shot of a white piece of paper at F22, a couple of
dust particles showed up very clearly.

I only had two spots that were of any significant size, but I've
only changed lenses perhaps 5 times. It makes you wonder why some
cameras are more prone to dust than others. If I recall correctly,
Phil's review of the Rebel here pointed it out as one of the less
dust prone cameras.

On the other hand, there are many reports of 20Ds with dirty
sensors "out of the box". I wonder how one can make that statement,
because the camera doesn't come with a lens attached in the box, so
it must have gone through at least one lens "change" before taking
the first pic. Anyhow, there's enough evidence that the 20D is
prone to dust problems, so now I have to figure out how long to
wait before I break down and spend the nearly $100 US on those



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